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In a metaverse of witches, you'll have to fight against the real players to win the battle. Only by gaining boundless power and formidable magic items, improving yourself in the war, can you have the chance to defeat the evil wizards and other dark powers who want to destroy witchcraft, and win the magicbox finally.In the 17th century, European witches were persecuted by the church, so some witches kept their names
secret, and gradually lived a life of seclusion without regard to the world. In 2200, their peaceful life was
broken. Evil magic monsters broke into their beautiful new world and with the evil wizards. The witches
decided to defend their new world against evil magic monsters and evil wizardThe rarity of witch character cards is divided into five levels: Normal (R), Excellent (SR), Excellent (SSR),
Rare (SSSR), Legend (X). There is only one image of the R-level witch, with a total of 600,000, which
will be gradually released as the game progresses. SR-class is 60,000 witches with different colors and
images. There are 6000 SSR-class witches. There are only 60 SSSR-level witches, which will be very
different. Not only will they have unique images, they will also have special effects. Only 10 X-level
witches have a chance to increase the rarity of witch cards through “training”. The rarity is related to the
combat attributes and the amount of energy of the card.
With the upgrade of rarity, witches will have better game attributes, and witches need to train to upgrade
their rarity by consuming XNFT. In general, the supply of XNFT is not enough to upgrade all the witches
to the highest level.
Witch role cards have level attributes. Witches can gain experience points in PVE and PVP challenges.
After gaining enough experience points, the level of witches will increase. The initial level of the witch is
0, and the highest level of the current version is 60. The experience value gained by each challenge is
related to the level of your challenge object. When the level of your challenge object is higher than your
ideal battle level, you can get more experience points and vice v

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