What is Wizardia?
Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn game rich with deep lore, captivating combat mechanics, a focus on immersive spell discovery, and a highly rewarding crafting system.

Set in a futuristic world enhanced by magic.

Wizardia’s cutting-edge art style is a unique mix of Dark Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Combat is an ever-evolving part of Wizardia where players have to constantly adapt to the changes in the battlefield. There can only be one victor so the stakes are high.

In line with exciting new technologies we have designed the Wizardia world with NFTs acting as its very core. These NFTs are unique virtual assets that have both in-game purposes and hold real-world value.

This way we introduce the possibility to earn active and passive income not only to those who play the game, but also for everyone who loves Wizardia and wants to support the project and earn in the process.

- Active players will reap the benefits of Wizard NFTs which are the foundation of the gameplay. They can be improved over time to increase the value and then sold, traded or rented to other players.

- Passive revenue element without being required to participate in the gameplay - acquire and hold the Arena Genesis NFTs to earn passive income. Passive income is generated from all battles and transactions conducted within the arena.

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