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What is Wolfpackspace?
Wolf-Pack: On-chain Options Trading Protocol on Binance Smart Chain Powered by Wolf-Pack Contracts and Liquidity Pools.

Wolf-Pack is a protocol for trustless creating, maintaining and settling of Wolf-Pack contracts. Wolf-Pack contract is an options-like on-chain contract that gives the holder (buyer) a right to buy or to sell an asset at a certain price (strike) as well as imposes the obligation on the writer (seller) to buy or to sell an asset during a certain period. It can be useful for the market participants who want to protect their assets from the price downside and for the liquidity providers who might find the returns on writing Wolf-Pack contracts attractive enough to allocate some of their capital on the liquidity pool contract. On the traditional (CBOE, CME, etc.) or crypto-assets (Deribit, FTX, etc.) options exchanges holders and writers are individual agents (retail or institutional). It means that while trading options, their capital is exposed to independent risks and returns, and their trading results have nothing do to with the other market participants’ profits or losses. On the sellers (writers) side, Wolf-Pack liquidity pool contracts accumulate liquidity from many market participants simultaneously. This approach reduces the risks of losing capital (potential downside) while providing liquidity providers with the returns.

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