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What is Woolong?
The founders created Woolong's "WOO" to address the disconnect between digital currencies and a broader user base. We committed ourselves and our resources to challenge the "traditional style" of the current digital currency user experience. Woolong Corp focuses on blurring the lines between a select demographic of tech-savvy users and a significantly broader user base, consisting of everyone that wants to engage in the digital currency revolution. By simplifying this experience, WOO helps facilitate the next stage in the evolution and adoption of digital currency. What better collateral to start with than WOOLONG (WLNG), one of the first digital currencies that premiered log before the creation of Bitcoin. WOO functions as an intergalactic fair value coin similar to those portrayed in the Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, and Carol & Tuesday anime genres.

ROADMAP 2022 - 2023

Q1 - Listings & Leadership Revenue Streams & Initial Capital Raise - Recruit COO, CFO and CMO, launch Social Media campaign. List Woolong on exchange platforms. Standardization of operations, product and service catalogue, RFI for investors,

Q2 - Recruitment & Social Media Dominance,  Partnerships &  - ICO, Recruit brand specialist, Partner network films and TV, In-Game Partnerships.

Q3 Noble Cause Participation & Continued Growth - Noble Cause sponsorships, review core operations.

Q4 Review & Improve: Review and adjust products, services, partnerships and contracts to sustain positive growth and maintain a competitive operation within the industry.


Capital Raise, Acquire & Guarded Expansion - Public IPO consideration, raising capital to expand Woolong adoption, acquire a small business in complementary services /expertise.

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