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What is Woonkly?
Woonkly Metasocial Network is a Decentralized Social Network where all posts are converted into NFTs directly, where users have full control of their data and where the content is not uploaded to a server but to users' computers through IPFS (interplanetary file system) allowing the creation of a decentralized global directory of creators, influencers, Talents, users and metaverses, interacting with each other and creating new ways to monetize content.

Creators can upload their audiovisual works and establish royalties for them. Almost any type of media file is eligible to be converted to an NFT. From songs to video clips, from podcasts to books, from selfies to metaverse lands.

Woonkly's mission is to decentralize social posts by restoring power to the user while allowing them to monetize in a new way through NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and through gamification.

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