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What is Worker Town?
Worker Town is a game inspired by many series of Play-to-earn games bringing through pixelart, a defiant looking and cured esthetic. Become a landlord having your own Town where you can choose either; from adopting Workers to make them work in your town for a salary, making them breed in order to get powerfull combinations or buy a house and let the Workers rest faster and even rent your own beds.

WorkerTown is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain that gives players full control of their digital assets to participate in an enjoyable gaming environment. Both Houses and Workers will both be minted in the ERC-721 standard which may be traded freely on our own NFT marketplace.

Our main objetive is to create a balanced long-term gaming environment for players to enjoy their daily gaming quest while being able to colaborate between others who need a game with a low-end entry cost and with those that choose a high-end entry cost as well.

Workers are adopted from the Tavern using COINS each. The price of adopting will vary and will be increased on demand automatically. Each Worker has a Salary that represents the income that they will generate in their working shift.

After completing a full working shift and being Called Back on The Tavern, the Worker will need to rest(the rest time will be equal to the time worked).

(each generation has a limited amount of Workers that can be adopted)

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