Decentralized collectable dueling game on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect, breed, battle. Welcome to the World of Ether.

Discover something wild!
We have discovered a new species of beings reining from the unmapped corners of the universe called Etherians. We've studied the ones we could find and learned that they wield enormous power. Some can steal the flames of the sun, some can bend metal, others can bend minds. There is only one constant, they hate one another. The ones that we've discovered so far belong to one of 5 elemental types related to their domain of origin. These are Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, and Astral. Each of these elements has been torn into factions that are in a perpetual war. Will you find an etherian? Will you join a faction? Will you dominate your enemies?

Where are we?
We have traveled the universe to find a hypothesized crystal power source but instead, we found etherians. We affectionately named this planet the World of Ether. Here most of the etherians can be discovered but not all of them. Some remain hidden in other dimensions or traversing the coldness of space.

How To Find One.
Our scientists have managed to capture a small population. We are now selling them to study how they act in the wild, also the scientists want to make a profit. They're smart not stupid. Only 9999 etherian NFTS are going to be sold, each is a hand painted piece of art that allows you to participate in this game as well as in future games.*

Rarity Spread.
Some are rarer than others.

60% are common
30% are uncommon
9.9% are rare
0.1% are legendary
1% are gold
Staking for Tokens.
These etherians can be staked to receive tokens for its respective type. For example, staking an Ocean etherian grants Ocean tokens.

Your etherians can be staked for several hours. Staking etherians grants tokens but you will have to wait past a certain duration to withdraw the full value. You can however, immediately withdraw but you will receive a hefty penalty tax. This tax goes back into the system via the token vault. (This is a DAO based pool, more on that later.) You will also be on a small cooldown. If you wait the full duration you will receive 90% of the tokens (rounded down). The extra 10% is taken as a tax and put inside of the token vault as well. There are 4 rarities: Common Uncommon Rare and Legendary. Rares stake for more then common and uncommon and Legendaries stake for the most.

Before you get an etherian you have to select a faction. Each faction is represented by one of the base etherian types. Belonging to a faction guarantees that your etherians will always be a member of that type. If you are a Death faction player your new etherians will always be Death etherians. An etherians type can be changed but you'll have to use tokens to do so. This makes selecting a faction a very important decision for players.

โ˜€๏ธ Sun - The Preservation Faction. Great for players who want to mitigate risk.
๐ŸŒŠ Ocean - The Exchange Faction. Great for players who want type diversity.
๐ŸŒฒ Life - The Creation Faction. Great for players who want to ramp up the etherian population.
๐Ÿ’€ Death - The Aggression Faction. Great for players who love PVP and quick rewards.
๐Ÿ”ฎ Astral - The Upgrade Faction. Great for players who want to min-max and breed super rares.
The faction you choose gives you a slight bonus to vesting that type of etherian. If you belong to the death faction and you vest a death etherian you'll receive an extra 25% of death tokens rounded down.

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