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World of Quests Open the doors of your guild and reach out to people who need your help. They may offer great rewards in exchange for your assistance.

You have to pick the most qualified adventurer for the task. For the most difficult quests, you will need the best characters with the finest equipment. The chances of success will probably be lower, but the rewards will be worth the struggle.

Rewards range from a few copper pieces to probably thousands of legendary items (who knows?).World of Quests is a blockchain-connected game where the player (you) owns the collectibles he uses to play.These tokens (NFT) are the characters and items used in game, associated with the player's wallet.That's why there's no need to create an account on the game to start playing. Your wallet is your account, and your guild.To complete quests, you need adventurers who will execute the requested tasks (you already manage a guild, you are not going to do everythingIn World of Quests, your adventurers are closely linked to your guild. In fact, they are NFT in your wallet.Items
There are many items to collect in World of Quests.
Items you collect as rewards for quests can be stored in your guild vault (~wallet). These are then NFTs that can be exchanged as you wish.
There are different types of items, and some of them can change the of your characters or have various effects.
Every item has a quality rating.
There is another quality rating for Poor quality items. These items cannot be claimed and are only used in game. They can usually be sold for a few pieces.

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