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What is Wrath Of Tezca?
Wrath of Tezca is an aztec inspired fantasy NFT game on the wax blockchain. Equip your soldiers and send them off on instant missions to earn resources, allowing you to craft more NFT's to bolster your army or sell for real profits. Save for upgrades to enhance your squad's performance on missions, and in 2022, send your squads on active 3d combat missions to fight in turn based tactics combat on procedurally generated maps against AI opponents.All lands belong to the Empire, even that which is not yet discovered.
By its gluttonous decree, a dozen Expeditionary Fleets set sail across the oceans; in search of new
worlds and riches that are theirs by right. And one such fleet- under the iron-willed command of
Captain-General Borgia- has made landfall.
After months of perilous travel on rotting wooden vessels, the men of the Seventh Fleet found
themselves upon the shores of paradise. Crystal blue water and white sand beaches give way to lush
rainforests. Golden plateaus and mist-cloaked mountains rise from the foliage bearing gold, silver
and jade. Inconceivable beasts live free and wild amongst the bounteous nature.
As the first of their fortifications were raised, Borgia's men had already begun their harvest. The
earth was dredged for precious stones and metals, and the trees scoured for exotic meats. The men
of the Seventh Fleet did not even question the luck of discovering such a haven. Such was the
Empire's divine right that it deserved this untouched plenty.
Though as they discovered; untouched did not mean uninhabited.
Borgia's men did not know how many of the tiny Goblins they had hunted and devoured before they
realised they were sentient, and they did not know how many more after that. But when their
hunting party met the Orcs, there was no chance for such a mistake.
The conflict was immediate, swift and deadly on both sides. As the Humans fled to their battlements,
a call went out to the Tribes.
In the Holiest of places- the Tecocatan Equinox, the center of Divinity in their world- the Orcs, Trolls
and Goblins met. Emissaries of Kingdoms, Communes and Heavenly Tribes gathered to discuss the
interlopers at their shores. Under the shine of Totec, Night-Drinker, God of the Searing Light, they felt
the warmth and glow of the Holy Sun. And so, an accord was struck.
Their treaty was laid at the gates of Borgia's fort, as it's defender shrunk behind its walls. As the
fearsome ambassadors slipped back into the forest- clad in the bright skin of terrific creatures- the
Men saw what was left for them. Pictograms and maps engraved on a slab of brilliant gold. For all its
brilliance and wealth the purpose was clear: the proposal of an armistice.
And for a while, that peace held. The Tribes beyond held their balance and their worship, whilst the
Seventh Fleet stayed behind their battlements- only venturing to the lands granted to them. But, as
the days passed, Tribal Scouts saw the new vessels sailing into the makeshift docks. They saw the
trees levelled and the stones ripped up. They saw the Humans grow bolder, moving steadily further
from their hold and swelling in size.

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