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hDeflationary rebase protocol, with gradually increasing fee (5% to 12%) on any buy/sell/transfer.

At the end of each cycle half of the tokens of the fee are burned and the other half is given to holders then a new cycle starts and fee resets to 5%.

If either the cycle max is reached (156 cycles) or the total supply is lower than 550,000, the fee will be set automatically to 0.

Because XAEA12 will give access to future projects, long term holding will be rewared in several ways, end goal is to create a full set of index tokens, similar to what “DEGEN Index” has done in ethereum, we want to build index tokens in the BSC.

This is a community driven project, liquidity is locked by dxSale for 3 years, Non-sold tokens of the presale are locked forever, and dev tokens were burnt.

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