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What is XCarnival?
XCarnival is a stable and secure financial infrastructure protocol in a multi-chain environment, providing a market-optimized liquidity solution for NFT assets in Web3.0, supporting both P2P (Person-to-Person) and P2C (Instant Lending Pool) models of asset-backed lending.

XCarnival Solution 1.0——XBroker

XBroker is a platform for NFT pledge and loan, which provides liquidity for the NFT market. Participants are divided into three roles: mortgagor, lender, and liquidator. The mortgagor is to provide NFT to pledge and borrow money, the lender obtains interest by lending USDxc, and the liquidator participates in the liquidation through auction bidding, that is, paying the auction price to obtain NFT.

XCarnival Solution 2.0——XPawn

XPawn is a platform based on NFT assets issued on the  Ethereum mainnet, innovative use of the pool model, and lending of value coins, in which users can participate as depositors or borrowers. Depositors provide liquidity such as ETH to the lending pool to earn interest and rewards, and receive liquidity incentives. Borrowers can use their NFT holdings as collateral to lend ETH, etc. to the lending pool.

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