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What is XDrake?
XDRAKE is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players collect eggs, hatch them to get dragons, and set up great team formation to combat with others to gain rewards.

There are 2 types of Dragons: Non-NFT Dragons and NFT Dragons. Non-NFT Dragons are given to players at the beginning to experience the game. These Dragons are basic for low-level PvP Arena. Players can also use these dragons to earn in-game currency for participating in Daily events, quests, an arena, etc.

For high-level PvP Arena, Ranked Match, Tournaments, Farming, and Challenges, a stronger team is needed. Players can obtain NFT Dragons to strengthen their deck. NFT Dragons can only be purchased from the Marketplace or random boxes from the Dapp.

XDR is the main token used for all in-game activities and the Marketplace. Players can make use of XDR to further improve their team, participate in high-level games, and become the best player.

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