About Xpet Coin
What is the world of monsters?"Monsters World" is the world's first valuable pet strategy battle game on EOS.

The total number of XPet monsters is 1 million, and the first ancestor (0 generation) is limited to 3,000.

XPet's pets have the ability to store value/value extraction/value capture.

X hegemonyThe first 201 main cities in the world of monsters are officially open for competition, and each main city will receive 4 kinds of specific resources.The Pet is an extension of XPET (Monster World) and is the worlds first game value storage pet on EOS.

Powered by the IOST underlying technology, Dream Monster combines blockchain distributed storage, openness, transparency, and non-tamperability with the characteristics of online games such as high openness and free creation. It aims to create a simple and easy-to-play blockchain turn-based game, allowing more users to enter the blockchain world through the game.

The core game assets in Dream Monsters, such as rare pets, equipment, etc., including but not limited to item IDs, attributes, genetic characteristics, etc., are all stored in the form of NFT on the IOST chain. Once the players are familiar with the IOST account and wallets' basics, they will transfer and trade NFT assets on XLOOT freely.


The city owner who successfully purchased the main city can tax the production/trade activities of the residents. The incubator of the third-level main city will get a better new pet than the public hatching.

Arena systemThe arena adopts a team/single-player system, with 3 pets per game, and each team can only use up to 1 ancestor pet.
Pets with similar levels and values ​​enter the arena battle, and the winner can receive value rewards corresponding to the arena level (bronze, silver, gold, diamonds).

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