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xPOKE PlayToEarn, inspired by Axie Infinity, implemented in an traditional game.

In-server currencies of Pokémon Showdown's servers (the servers that have their own currencies, even  these that xPOKE doesn't controls), convertible to their "wrapped/pegged"/tokenized form (x POKE).

x POKE uses Ethereum's layer2 XDai network.

The DAO that can mint tokens has been decentralized a bit, with its minting capabilities granted to an multisignature Gnosis vault (the hot wallet is also multisig, but less safe than the vault multisig, but also holding less amounts, as supposed for an hot wallet). Soon it will be more decentralized, with chatbots as oracles and an smart-contract autonomously responsible for minting. Futurely it can also be fully ran on Golem network.

Soon, in-server items (nickname effects, Trainer Card effects, clans, etc) will be paired as NFTs.

Disclaimer: xPOKE and the "Ethereum" Pokémon Showdown server have no  affiliation with the GameFreak, Nintendo, The Pokémon Company nor the  Ethereum blockchain. xPOKE and "Ethereum" PS server (as of Pokémon Showdown) are fan-made projects. This is an not-for-profit project.xPOKE PlayToEarn, inspired by Axie Infinity, implemented in an traditional game.In-server currencies of Pokémon Showdown's servers Tokenizing in-server currencies of PokémonShowdown

During the first part of this event, we’ll be diving deep into the backstories of would-be adventurers: their lives, their motivations, their truths.  Feel free to write about whatever you’d like (as long as it follows the rules, which will also be below). You may write it in the style of a poem, a song, a story, a description, or article! Use your creativity! There are no bad submissions! To submit your story, head over to this form!

The second part will involve the characters that you created starting on an adventure in Explorers Of Wit. Yes… from level 1! You can choose to participate in both parts of the event or just one part. If you choose to join the second part of the event but do not submit a character (or do not wish to use the same character), no worries, there will be a pool of characters to choose from or you can simply create one.

Important: Be sure to read this document in full for all of the information you’ll need to know. If anything is unclear, please reach out to a staff member in either The Library or Dungeons & Dragons.



The story must be focused on a (current or soon-to-be) hero, adventurer, villain or any kind of protagonist. A song about ‘Jorah The Fat’ and his days stranded at sea’ would  fit the description whereas a song about why you like the character named ‘Jorah’ would not.
No joke submissions. Your submission can be humorous, but it must be of substance.
Your story may not be inappropriate. It will be deleted immediately and you will be disqualified (unable to submit another story).
All submissions must be sent in by  Midnight EDT (GMT-4) on May 29th, 2022. Submissions past this date will not be looked at. Other important dates can be found below!
Please remember: Your story must be about (or heavily reference) a specific character and must include a Race, Class, and Background. No stats necessary.

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