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What is Xpool?
X-pool is an open-source Decentralized protocol - built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy their assets and earn yield with ease which ensures:

- Decentralized:

Xpool provides a completely decentralized and permissionless way while maintaining full custody over borrowers and depositors' coins.

- Transparency:

All loan transactions are done through smart contracts, which is recorded and stored on blockchain. It ensures high trusted level, security, auditability, authenticity.

- Build on Binance Smart Chain:

Compared with the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain has much better speed and much lower transaction fees. It is gaining a competitive advantage and liquidity.

Xpool's main function is:

- Lending: depositing in Xpool, users will earn an attractive annual interest as the passive income. Users can borrow assets without negotiate terms, maturity date at a suitable interest rate.

- Borrow: Users can borrow assets without negotiate terms, maturity date at a suitable interest

- Flash Loan: Flash loan is uncollateralized loan. Flash loan is the financing wonder

- Borrow Mining: New method to get XPO- The more you borrow on xpool, the more xpo you mine

- Governance: Voting, proposal submit, parameters adjustment

- Staking: By staking $XPO on Xpool protocol, you can receive XPO and also other top coins

- Liquidity Market: Where all the under collateral loans listed. Anyone can help them liquidate a part of the loan to get 5-15% bonus

- Incentive Module: Deeply integrate the incentive module to encourage user on any action on the platform to mine xpo and reduce fee

- Auto Farm Optimizer: Auto get the unused utilization assets to farm on the highest & safest farming pool to get more profit for liquidity suppliers

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