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Xssap Keychain 26,000 unique digital collectibles based on the ERC-721 with each single keychain NFT participating in a maximum of 59 games with multiple chances to win from the total amount of 1,100,000$ that will be distributed on 5,310 winners. Funds raised will kick start a new wave of free DIY educational videos with sponsorship tokens that will grant NFT holders a chance to participate once more in the raffle games.Welcome To Keychain Collection
Our non fungible tokens of 26,000 unique digital collectibles based on the ERC-721 token standard that are randomly generated by our verified contract on the network of Binance Smart Chain with files hosted on the IPFS network. The Keychains are contemporary artwork based on lucky charms and trinkets collected by our students and friends to bestow the owners with prosperity and good fortune starting with a chance at winning in our raffle competitions.
Benefits Of Owning A Keychain
$1,100,000 will be distributed to a total of 5,310 winners for every NFT will have a chance to participate in a maximum of 59 games with multiple opportunities to win. Each competing for the legendary status of owning the NFT that could win in all 3 raffles, and that's just for starters cause the Keychains NFT grant its holder a chance to win once more when our Patreon tokens are launched. We are aiming to build a community that publishes useful do it yourself free technical videos and our NFT are the membership Keys that will continuously provide benefits to its holders.
Investment Bonus To Everyone
200,000$ will be donated to Charities & Good Causes to help other groups that give without asking and a fixed amount of NFT will be minted then airdropped for advertising purposes. The rest of the profits from sale will be invested in research and development of free, fun, easy to follow educational videos that will benefit everyone. When our brand is established and people have had a taste of what Xssap can offer then we launch a new fungible token just to fund our next video series and raffle games which will open once more only to Keychain NFT holders with the same winning and opportunities.

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