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What is xWIN Finance?
xWin is the fund management platform built with Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. It provides fund manager to launch the funds easily and connect to investors with hassle free.

xWin provide a series of sector index funds in Binance Smart Chain. We included xWIN BSC Defi Index, xWin Binance-Peg Infra Index and xWin US-ANTG Index. There will be more sector vault coming
xWin LP Vault is a vault that help farmer (investor) to stake their token into Pancakeswap as liquidity pool and perform farming with the LP tokens. Investor do not have to worry about how to add or remove liquidity and farming process but instead let the fund to automated all this for you.
xWIN Trading Vault behave similar to index vault but the frequency of the trading is higher and the allocation between few assets will be reset based on the trading trend and momentum. The vault can controlled by fund owner or automated based on the technical analysis signals.
xWin allow user to farm their xWin token or xWin Vault token to earn more XWIN token in returns. In additional to have expert managing your tokens, you can earn XWIN token as long as you subscribe to any of the xWIN fund

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