Description is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace with an innovative in-game mining system for network participants while playing games in a fully decentralized manner.Holders
YAY Games was built for the community,
considering all their feedback and improving
according to the needs, focusing on increasing
token use-cases and their demand. We
segment our audience and introduce a
motivation system for each user.
Currently, the following products have been/
are being implemented at YAY Games . We believe that exclusive access to
several functions on the platform is
necessary for any site.
Thus, our team is constantly adding
features specifically for YAY holders.
In-game mining makes the product
attractive for both gamers and users
interested in passive income solutions.
We believe in fairness and transparency.
Since the project’s inception, we have
wanted users to determine the project’s
future. The DAO was a crucial point on
our roadmap since our inception.At the moment, we have launched single-
asset staking, which allows users to receive
the following bonuses from the pledged

On our platform, participants can earn crypto from:

- in-game mining

- farming

- trading

We ultimately aim to popularize the adoption of DeFi and crypto and allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of financial innovations in the most fun way possible.

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