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YFO Information Introduction

YFiONE is dedicated to systematically produce new Defi products with the team acting as an ad-hoc enabled squad who will help develop, market and launch these Defi products to help grow its biosphere while simultaneously delivering desirable gains to the community, project and users.

YFiONE can also be described as a decentralized venture capital (DVC) which empowers a decentralized interest free financial ecosystem by building Defi products invested in by its community with the aim of distributing revenue as profit shares (rewards) to stakeholders.

The YFiONE vision is to build several decentralized financial applications (Defi - Apps) and then develop these products into full fledged projects thereby  increasing the value of the YFiONE ecosystem. With the uproar of several decentralized financial (Defi) products not having real use cases and simple methods of use, product usage has been difficult for Defi users especially because it requires vast understanding of the Ethereum blockchain. Another common problem is the false value which many Defi projects propose by building simple swap websites and then halting further development. This makes it seem as though the Defi swap is all there is to offer but this is not so. The YFiONE project and its decentralized team from different countries, promises to create a sustainable ecosystem by developing and building several Defi products around its platform and guarantees the ultimate true value of what a Defi project should be. YFiONE is a community-driven blockchain project which aims to build severally Defi-applications on top of its platform with creative and disruptive blockchain Defi ideas, hence becoming the first cutting-edge Defi project worth emulating.

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