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What is YieldLock?
YieldLock is the first rebase token with daily $OCEANS & $BUSD Rewards that was built to protect you from the Pump And Dumps that Ruins small-cap projects while still giving you a Huge-high daily compounding interest rate of 2.35% With YieldLock you have all the benefits of a rebase token without the risk of a crash

The YieldLock Auto-staking Protocol creates a super-high fixed APY of 425,208.3%. This is possible because of the daily compounding interest (2.35%) which you begin earning the second you invest in YieldLock.

YieldLocks Rewards are huge.. Rewarding all Holders with $OCEANS & $BUSD

Some of the Benefits of $YieldLock are:

425,208.3% Fixed APY - We set out to create a super-high fixed APY. When other tokens offer APYs that fluctuate, you never know how many tokens you will receive. YieldLock pays holders a fixed interest rate of 2.35% which is compounded daily. This results in one of the highest APY (425,208.3%) in the industry.

The Best Anti-Whale Mechanism in the World

Just like an ATM machine has a max withdrawal limit each day, YieldLock also has a max daily cash-out limit on all holders, to prevent unnecessary dumps.

Investors cannot dump the Token because they have a strict cash-out limit of up to 1/5% per day.

This puts a stop to dumps because investors are unable to sell ALL their tokens overnight.

Instead, they need to sell small quantities over time, keeping the price and chart steady and healthy.

Flawless Auto-staking

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