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What is YieldTopia?
YieldTopia is a new ecosystem built from the ground up that offers vetted, and sustainable yield tokens and other staking projects. The ecosystem is powered by its Rebase & DAO token $YIELD, its algorithmic stablecoin $USDY, and its utility-driven dapps.

YieldTopia generates revenue and backing for the $YIELD rebase rewards with its utility-driven ecosystem of DApps, and integrated tokens. Within the ecosystem: YieldSwap(DEX), YieldPad(IDO), YieldNFTs, Governance(DAO), $YIELD rebase tracking dashboard, and $USDY the algorithmic stable coin.

$YIELD is YieldTopia’s native token and the main token used within the whole ecosystem. All of YieldTopia’s utilities are focused on benefiting $YIELD and its holders. The yield protocol that YieldTopia is known for requires investors to use $YIELD in order to participate in staking & farming pools, and generate the high deflationary APY rewards given in $YIELD. In addition, $YIELD can be used for lending & borrowing, governance voting, providing liquidity, swapping between popular cryptocurrencies, and earning a portion of YieldTopia’s profits simply for holding $YIELD.

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