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What is YoHero?
YoHero is the Axie Infinity 2.0 metaverse world developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).In the YoHero metaverse, players can enjoy the entertainment and profit by raising YOLO,joining the battles and summoning of YOLOs .YoHero metaverse carries different user groups and community cultures and each YOLO has a unique identity which has great collection value. YoHero Metaverse has constructed a“play while earning” digital world in which currency assets,social methods,and social forms are all aims to provide a fair and equitable P2E (play to earn) model for the world's 2 billion potential personnel provide a new way to realize the business of entertainment on the chain,and help idle labor in the real world to "re-employ" in GameFi.

YoHero Metaverse has established a sharing reward mechanism and a destruction deflation mechanism,which is the most playable and profitable GameFi product under the P2E (play to earn) mode.

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