YoHero is the Axie Infinity 2.0 metaverse world developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).In the YoHero metaverse, players can enjoy the entertainment and profit by raising YOLO,joining the battles and summoning of YOLOs .YoHero metaverse carries different user groups and community cultures and each YOLO has a unique identity which has great collection value. YoHero Metaverse has constructed a“play while earning” digital world in which currency assets,social methods,and social forms are all aims to provide a fair and equitable P2E (play to earn) model for the world's 2 billion potential personnel provide a new way to realize the business of entertainment on the chain,and help idle labor in the real world to "re-employ" in GameFi.

Yo Hero Metaverse has established a sharing reward mechanism and a destruction deflation mechanism,which is the most playable and profitable GameFi product under the P2E (play to earn) mode.

Axie Infinity had led the game, yet the emergence of YoHero, which is referred to by the industry as an upgraded version of Axie Infinity, changed the climate. The latter rapidly became a hit in the Southeast Asian gold farming market, becoming the new blockchain game threatening the throne of Axie Infinity.”  In September, the upgraded version of Axie Infinity's YoHero metaverse built by the SM community of Axie Infinity's early core community based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) became the best choice with its fair and just P2E (paly to earn) model.

In this summer, Axie Infinity, the leading blockchian game by GameFi reached an accumulative trading scale of over 1 billion US dollars, reaching a record high and surpassing NBA Top Shot, which had been a hit since the beginning of the year, ranking top in NFT trading. Under the financial model of P2E (play to earn), Axie Infinity became the biggest winner in the field of blockchain games in the last months. However, the investors in the market sounded their alarm when Axie Infinity announced that it would transfer the main network from the Ethereum to its own sidechain named Ronin. The transfer of its main network would lead to an absolute control of the team over the data in the chain, making the whole system more and more centralized, which would be against the nature of the blockchain to be decentralized. In addition, the best dividend era of Axie Infinity has become history. Major capital holders in the market were looking forward to the emergence of a truly fair, just and upgraded version of Axie Infinity.

Background overview. YoHero, which originated from Axie Infinity but is fairer than it.

All members of the YoHero team are from the SM Community, a core community of Axie Infinity in the early stage. In 2021, Sky Mavis, the core team of Axie Infinity, decided to transfer the main network of Axie Infinity from the Ethereum to the sidechain named Ronin. The SM Community believed that the transfer was against the fair and just nature of Axie, and was not in line with the economic system of DeFi, believing that it’s a betrayal to blockchain and DeFi. Later, the SM Community voted against the transfer, yet it was not adopted by Axie Infinity. Totally disappointed, the SM Community left Axie Infinity, and established the SM team based on a user base of 200 thousand, and started its journey to build the YoHero metaverse.

What is YoHero? It is a v.2.0 Axie Infinity developed based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the YoHero metaverse, players can collect and raise fantasy creatures (YOLOs), and gain rewards of YO token of the platform and YHC token (similar to a stable token) through the fighting and summoning of YOLOs. YoHero has built a virtual world parallel to the real world. In this virtual world with complete spatial perception and physical rules, there are currency assets, socializing methods and social forms. It’s not only independent from the real world but also supplementing it. The YoHero metaverse drives the earnings of traditional games through the P2E (play to earn) model, providing an on-chain method of entertainment realization for the 2 billion potential users staying idle due to the global pandemic, and helping the idle labour forces in the real world to be “re-employed” in GameFi.

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