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What is You Only Live Once?
You Only Live Once, also known as YOLO, is a community-driven project, its main purpose is to provide a safer blockchain. This is achieved through free (or priority) audits that check the contract code, ownership, liquidity providers, and holders to verify the integrity and safety level of a project.* We also provide advertising for projects that have passed the audits with a score lower than 40%.

You also have the opportunity to stake your liquidity for the long-term in our dApp, or through our partners. In return, the dApp rewards you with liquidity from the $YOLO DAO Fund. You can find a lot more information on the DAO Fund, on our medium pages, so feel free to check them out.

* We can only give a risk rating on a project, this is not a guarantee, we can only disclose what we have found and give all of the available information to the public.

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