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What is Zebu?
Zebu will start with an initial supply of 80M Coins. When the community members transacts zebu coins peer-to-peer, 3% of the total transaction will be distributed among the stakers and the other 3% will be flushed. The flushing process goes on until only 7.2 million coins are left. Zebu coin makes use of a more realistic model, one that is capable of providing good long-term returns. Your earning is not fixed with the zebu network. The income is generated through the transaction that will be distributed among the stakers. Zebu makes also use of a unique principle, known as an LP-token burn: immediately after providing liquidiy on pancakeswap, all LP tokens will be burned. This is done for two main reasons. In order to maintain a price floor and as a way to be able to guarantee to investors a rug-pull is impossible.

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