ZilChill is a gaming platform built on Zilliqa blockchain that operates in ZRC-2 token called REDC. It has defined four types of users in its platform: Game Developer, Game Host, Game Player and Game Governor.

RedChillies ZilChill operates in REDC token with circular tokenomics and max supply of 2 millions REDC tokens. REDC is a ZRC-2 compliant fungible token which will primarily act as a gas fee to host any games. Every hosted game will normally cost 1 to 10 RedC tokens and every game-result will only reward 2 REDC tokens. RedChillies are distributed from prize pool to max 4 parties (Game Developer, Game Host, Game Player and Game Governor); thus maintaining inflation rate and implementing fair distribution of token supply.

ZilChill Blockchain Technology is more than just a technology; it represents our ultimate fight for freedom; a path towards complete accessibility, security and ownership that can't be tampered. This is more like a freedom song written in code. And the path of Blockchain Technology towards mass adoption is inevitable. In this early stage of Web 3.0, there is much more need of bringing applications which are easy, yet fun, for people. The best way to teach people about blockchain technology is by making Dapps (Decentralized Applications) that people interact with. Gaming is one of the largest online sector for user engagement and revenue circulation. Gaming dapps will not only educate people about blockchain technology, it can be equally rewarding and connecting more people with complete ownership of their data, access and earnings. Taking this vision, we propose RedChillies token on Zilliqa blockchain to fuel the gaming industry and bring user engagement into blockchain ecosystem.

The gaming platform that we intend to bring will utilize ZRC-2 compliant REDC token and native ZIL token (or ZRC-2 stablecoin). REDC token will act as primary fuel to host (create) new games where players can use ZIL tokens for in-game activities. In future, a stablecoin of Zilliqa ecosystem will replace the ZIL token for playing games. Utilizing REDC tokens as host fee and ZIL (or stablecoin) as in-game play, REDC enables and sustains more game developers, hosts and players to grow within the Zilliqa ecosystem

Online gamers always care the most about 4 things: "no fees", "speed", "win reward" and "fair play". Our gaming platform always targets to achieve these 4 goals. And the decision to build RedChillies on Zilliqa blockchain comes through this same mindset. Zilliqa blockchain utilizes Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus mechanism and sharding techniques for high throughput and low transaction cost enabling highly scalable projects.

Along with high speed and low transaction cost, Zilliqa provides top-notch ecosystem for millions of users across Dapp, DeFi, Exchange, Finance & Marketplace. RedChillies has its roadmap aligned to collaborate with Zilliqa core team & Zillacracy and utilize all networks and partnerships for mass adoption.

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