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Feb 15
Celsius creditors committee proposes suing Mashinsky, other Celsius execs

The proposed claim names Alex Mashinsky and various previous leaders and prime…

Feb 13
Crypto, forex platform CEO pleads guilty to $248M fraud scheme

Swirl Alexandre, the Chief of the implied crypto exchanging stage EminiFX is looking…

Feb 11
BAYC copycat files opposition to 10 Yuga Labs trademark applications

A Yuga Labs representative has made light of the meaning of the resistance notice and…

Jan 12
Judge slams senators’ letter against FTX lawyers as ‘inappropriate’

Chapter 11 adjudicator John Dorsey referred to the bipartisan letter as…

Jan 04
Iran court orders the release of seized crypto mining equipment

Legal decisions require Iranian specialists to deliver a piece of the 150,000 crypto…

Dec 28
Mango Markets exploiter arrested on fraud charges — Maybe it WAS illegal

The Mango Markets exploiter recently called his assault on the crypto trade…

Dec 27
SBF gets prison advice: Shave head, deepen voice and listen to rap

Martin Shkreli framed that “Sam isn’t precisely going to be someone that…

Dec 22
Alameda’s Caroline Ellison escapes potentially 110 years in jail via plea deal

Previous Alameda Exploration President could be delivered on a $250,000 bail, yet…

Dec 16
SBF reportedly files new bail application in the Bahamas Supreme Court

Bahamas media reports that Sam Bankman-Seared held up another bid for bail only two…

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