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Feb 22
Coinbase staking ‘fundamentally different’ to Kraken’s — chief lawyer

After the Protections and Trade Commission’s crackdown on Kraken, Coinbase boss…

Jan 18
Digital Currency Group halts dividends in an effort to preserve liquidity

Computerized Cash Gathering, a funding firm that possesses a stake in more than 200…

Dec 30
Nic Carter dives into proof-of-reserves, ranks exchange attestations

Crypto exchanging stages Kraken and BitMEX bested the verification of-holds score…

Dec 28
Kraken quits Japan for the second time, blaming a ‘weak crypto market’

The crypto trade said it will deregister from Japan’s Monetary Administrations…

Nov 26
Binance proof-of-reserves is ‘pointless without liabilities’: Kraken CEO

As per Powell, a total verification of-save review should incorporate the amount of…

Nov 14
Crypto exchange Kraken freezes accounts related to FTX and Alameda

Kraken said it froze account admittance to specific assets “we suspect to be…

Apr 26
Kraken has been granted a crypto exchange license in the United Arab Emirates

Kraken’s major expansion license in Abu Dhabi promises to provide overseas…

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