Tag: Solana

Nov 17
Trust Wallet launches browser extension, integrates with Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay

The new program expansion allows clients to store, send and get crypto across all EVM…

Jun 20
Solana invalidates whale wallet takeover plan in second regime vote

If Solend cannot take over the account, some have confidence that it could cause a…

Apr 27
Maple Credit, a cryptocurrency lender, has expanded its coverage for Solana

Maple Capital anticipates its Solana application to handle $300 million in volatility…

Feb 03
Solana price ‘bear flag’ paints $50 target as Wormhole hack exposes security hole

The pessimistic continuation setup might push Solana worth to drop to almost $50…

Feb 03
Report crowns Solana for using least energy per transaction, but there’s a catch

Despite Solana’s low power consumption per dealings, the PoS network still uses a lot…

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