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Dec 30
‘Everything bubble’ bursts: Worst year for US stocks and bonds since 1932

While the crypto markets have taken a slamming in 2022, it hasn’t precisely been…

Dec 07
Japan recommends against algorithmic backing in stablecoins

The expected lawful status of the Japanese Monetary Help Organization’s…

Nov 30
South Korea issues arrest warrant for Do Kwon’s former colleagues

Capture warrants were looked for Terraform Labs prime supporter Daniel Shin, three…

Nov 19
South Korea seizes $104M from Terra co-founder suspecting unfair profits

The choice to freeze Shin’s resource worth more than $104 million was supported…

May 23
Terra wasn’t really a blanket draw, it was a badly built ‘house of spades,’ according to Tether’s CTO

“It was evident to me, it was obvious to some that I knew it was a dumb…

May 17
Terra must defend peasants, not sharks, Vitalik added

The ordinary UST cultivator has been enticed by claims of large virtual currency…

May 17
Terra should be replaced with a “totally fresh network,” according to a leading verifier

The administrator of a significant verifier server on Terra is dissatisfied because of…

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