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Jan 31
Elon Musk wants the Twitter payments system to be developed with cryptocurrency in mind

Twitter’s forthcoming installments device will at first help just government…

Jan 04
US Feds put together ‘FTX task force’ to trace stolen user funds

US Lawyer Damian Williams said the workplace is working “nonstop” to…

Dec 21
Alaska adds ‘virtual currency’ to its regulatory regime

Beginning in 2023, the organizations should get another kind of permit to work with…

Dec 17
Democrats to reportedly return over $1M of SBF’s funding to FTX victims

Three popularity based boards of trustees, the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC, vowed to…

Dec 16
Binance proof-of-reserves removed from the auditor’s site

Mazars Gathering, known for its evidence of-hold review administrations for crypto…

Dec 10
US DOJ reportedly investigating FTX CEO for siphoning funds out of the US

The mysterious source uncovered that DOJ authorities met with FTX’s…

Nov 28
Line shuts down crypto exchange to focus on blockchain and LN token

The Japanese informing monster will in any case keep on supporting its Line blockchain…

Nov 07
Crypto no more in top 10 most-cited potential risks: US central bank report

The U.S.- China strains, the Russia-Ukraine war, higher energy costs, rising…

Nov 05
OCC makes its staff available for fintech-related discussions

The declaration of one-on-one conversations with the OCC followed the division saying…

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