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SBF reportedly files new bail application in the Bahamas Supreme Court

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  • December 16, 2022
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Bahamas media reports that Sam Bankman-Seared held up another bid for bail only two days after an adjudicator denied his past application and called the FTX organizer a flight risk.

Sam Bankman-Broiled, the imprisoned pioneer behind bankrupt digital currency trade FTX has purportedly recorded another application for bail in the Bahamas High Court following his past fruitless bail bid.

Nearby media on Dec. 15 detailed the organizer presented the application and that it would be heard under the watchful eye of the court in a little more than one month’s experience on Jan. 17, 2023. Anyway it refered to no sources.

Already, on Dec. 13, Bankman-Seared’s legal counselors had contended for him to be allowed temporarily free from jail to set at $250,000 as he had no earlier convictions and was experiencing gloom and a sleeping disorder. The managing judge denied bail calling the crypto chief a flight risk.

Bankman-Broiled is remanded at Fox Slope Jail, the main prison in the Bahamas. A 2021 US State Division report expressed conditions at Fox Slope were “brutal” and packed with unfortunate clinical consideration, sterilization and nourishment. Prison guards were affirmed to manhandle prisoners truly.

Removal to the U.S. is on the cards as the Bahamian government has said it will “quickly” process any removal demand as the trade organizer has to deal with eight penalties including illegal tax avoidance, wire misrepresentation, and protections extortion.

The large number of charges could see Bankman-Broiled land in prison for quite some time, however legitimate reporters have let Cointelegraph know there is a “ton to work out” saying the case could require a very long time until it’s settled.

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