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The GSGT fundraising Event at Lonavala, Maharashtra on 27th November 2022

28th Nov, 2022, Maharashtra: The much-awaited event launched by GSGT yesterday at Lonavala, Maharashtra. The launching program was a grand success. A huge crowd gathered to attend the event. People around the world come to join the event.

This event was mainly arranged as a fundraising event. And the good news is that a total of 1.2 million funds have been raised. One of India’s biggest and most popular crypto exchanges, VIPS Finstock with their team and Mr Bharat Gandass, the co-founder of the world-famous Dapp store Gagsty, was also there at the event.

The GSGT is a concept that has been introduced previously. They are the world’s 1st reward base utility token for green energy. They aimed at fostering IoT, sustainable, and renewable energy investments. They work in 4 phases.(EV , Renewable energy,carbon credits,circular economy)

Currently GSGt is focused on phase one – EV

A Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Token Standard Cryptocurrency Operating In The System As An Alternative Means To Pay For Services And In Other EV Industry. It Can Be Used In Any Cryptocurrency Marketplace That Accepts Payment With GSGT And Its Value Will Be Determined Based On Market Forces. A Limited Quantity token May Be Issued To Users As A Reward For Qualifying Transactions And Activities On The GSGT Platform. For Example, When A User Pays For The Usage Of An Electric Vehicle Charger With GSGT , Further Incentives Will Be Offered To Help Create Demand For The Use Of GSGT. A User Can Make Payment With Fiat Or GSGT Coins On The Charging stations Platform. In Instances Where A Private Owner Shares Their Charging Station, Such Private Owner Will Be Eligible For A Certain Amount Of GSGT as A Reward For Sharing In Addition To Any Other Usage Payment As The Electric Vehicle Market Continues To Grow, Related Infrastructure Is Also Expected To Expand. A Portion Of The Funds Raised From The Token Sale Of The GSGT Coins Will Be Set Aside To Support Activities Of The GSGT Platform.

The GSGT also promotes a circular economy that is smartly designed to maximise resource usage and reduce waste. The GSGT rewards circular purchases, consumption, or disposal to motivate the circular economy and turn it into a developed ecosystem.

Resources collect data that there will be 1.9 million electric vehicles globally by 2022. This trend will help increase the demand for the charging station industry. Reducing carbon emissions is one of the original goals of establishing electric vehicles. Hence it is necessary to modify the pace of expansion of charging point locations.

The GSGT currency is distributed for purchases and transactions on the GSGT platform. One of their upcoming projects is the green wallet, which is a digital wallet.

GSGT has collaborated with India’s fastest growing electric vehicle charging station company – CharzeBlock.

CharzeBlock has also showcased  their DC charging station at the GSGT event. 

With yesterday’s successful event promotion, Green Spirit Global steps further ahead to its destination.

Bottom line

Following the huge success of the fundraiser launched in Lonavala, Maharashtra, GSGT has seen an immersive public response from the audience. They organize relevant regional programs in seven cities including Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. People from these places are also showing their interest and GSGT is getting great response from these places which makes their efforts even more fruitful.

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