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A Step-by-Step Tutorial Using TronScan on How to Verify a Tron Transaction

Decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts can be made by developers using the blockchain-based Tron platform. The native cryptocurrency of Tron is called TRX, and it powers network transactions and rewards users for making platform contributions. To make sure that a transfer of TRX or other tokens was successful and went to the intended recipient, it is crucial to check a Tron transaction. Users are able to quickly search for transaction details and check the status of a transaction by using an undermined explorer like TronSis. We will go over how to use TronSis in this tutorial to verify a Tron transaction.

  • Visit the TronScan website to look up transactions and other Tron-related information. TronScan is a network underpinning explorer. Go to in your preferred web browser.
  • You should ask to search for the transaction once you are on the TronScan website if you want to verify it. To do this, use the search field in the top right corner of the page and type in the transaction hash or address. The transaction hash or address can be found by checking your walallow or the recipient’s walallow’s transaction history.
  • Review the transaction specifics: After you conduct a search for the transaction, a page containing the transaction specifics will appear. The transaction hash, block number, sender and recipient addresses, amount transferred, and any related fees are among the details that will be included in this. To make sure the transaction is what you intended, be sure to carefully review these details.
  • Verify the status of the transaction: Following your review of the transaction’s specifics, you’ll want to confirm the transaction’s status to ensure that it was successful. Looking at the “status” field on the transaction page will allow you to confirm the transaction’s status. If the transaction was processed successfully and the recipient received the funds, the status should read “success.”.
  • Verify the confirmation time: Depending on the network’s congestion and other factors, the confirmation time of a Tron transaction can change. On the transaction page, in the “confirmed time” field, you can see the confirmation time. It is likely that the transaction was processed successfully if it was confirmed within a reasonable amount of time.

That’s all there is to checking a Tron transaction to make sure it was processed successfully. Never assume a transaction has been successfully completed without first verifying the transaction’s status and details.


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