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Gift Card Scams: What They Are and How to Avoid Them”

For birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, gift cards are a popular gift choice. Unfortunately, gift card scams are more prevalent than ever and have the potential to defraud victims of a sizable sum of money. What gift card scams are and how to avoid them will be covered in this tutorial.


Gift card scams: what are they?


In gift card scams, con artists deceive people into buying gift cards and then send them the card’s details or the actual card. The money the victim spent on the gift card will then be used by the con artists to make purchases, leaving them with nothing.


The following are a few typical gift card scams.


Scams posing as tech support representatives: In this type of scam, con artists persuade victims that their computer or other electronic device is infected with malware or viruses. The victim is then persuaded to buy gift cards to pay for the tech support services, but the con artists vanish after the victim gives them the gift card details.


IRS fraud: Scammers pretend to be IRS agents in order to convince victims that they have unpaid taxes. They then persuade the victim to buy gift cards to pay off the debt, but as soon as the victim gives the con artists the gift card information, they vanish.


Scams involving social engineering: When calling or emailing victims, con artists frequently adopt a trustworthy persona, such as a member of their family or a representative from a reputable company. They will then ask the victim to purchase gift cards and destroy the information or the actual cards while claiming that this is necessary for a valid reason.


How can gift card scams be avoided?


To avoid gift card scams, follow these suggestions:.


Never give out gift card numbers; if someone asks you for them, they’re probably trying to con you. Never give out your gift card information over the phone or via email to a legitimate business or organization.


Verify requests: Check with the business or organization directly if you get a call or email asking you to buy gift cards. Contact them to confirm the request by calling or emailing them using the information found on their official website.


Be wary of unsolicited calls or emails: If you get an unsolicited call or email asking you to buy gift cards, it’s probably a scam. Legitimate businesses or organizations won’t randomly get in touch with you and ask you to buy gift cards.


Gift cards should be used as soon as possible: If you receive a gift card, use it right away. The more time scammers have to steal money, the longer you wait to use the card.


Keep gift cards in a secure location: If you have physical gift cards, store them somewhere that is not easily accessible to thieves or lost items.




Despite the fact that gift card scams are on the rise, you can avoid falling for one by exercising some caution and awareness. Always verify requests, be wary of unsolicited calls or emails, use gift cards as soon as you can, and store gift cards in a secure location. Also, never give out gift card information. You can take advantage of gift cards’ convenience without falling for a scam if you abide by these recommendations.

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