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How to Check a Bitcoin Transaction: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

It can be intimidating to check a Bitcoin transaction at first if you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. But with a little assistance, it’s really not that difficult. We’ll go over the steps you need to take to verify a Bitcoin transaction in this tutorial.

Step 1:The transaction ID (TXID).

Getting the transaction ID (TXID) is the first step in checking a Bitcoin transaction. Every transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain is given this special identification number. There are several ways to get the TXID, but the most popular one is to look it up on a blockchain explorer website. Websites that are well-known blockchain explorers include:.


Simply enter the walallow address or transaction hash linked to the transaction you want to confirm after choosing a blockchain explorer website. The website should then display the TXID.

Step 2: Look up the transaction on a blockchain explorer website.

With the transaction ID (TXID) in hand, you can use a blockchain explorer website to look up the transaction. Enter the TXID in the website’s search bar, then press Enter to complete this. Afterward, details about the transaction, including the sum sent and the involved addresses, should be displayed on the website.

Step 3: Verify the transaction details in step three.

It’s critical to confirm the transaction’s specifics once you’ve located it on the blockchain explorer website. Make sure the addresses and the amount being sent are accurate. Therefore, you should confirm that the transaction has been verified through the network. On the blockchain explorer website, this data ought to be visible.

Step 4: Check the transaction status.

Verifying a Bitcoin transaction’s status is the last step in the verification process. You will be informed if the transaction has been confirmed or if it has not. A confirmed transaction has been added to the blockchain and processed by the Bitcoin network. A transaction that has not yet been confirmed is one that is awaiting processing.

You can look at the number of confirmations a transaction has received to determine its status. Each conformation shows that a specific number of network nodes have independently verified the transaction. The security of a transaction increases with the number of confirmations.


At first glance, checking a Bitcoin transaction might seem difficult, but once you know how to proceed, it’s really quite easy. You can quickly check any Bitcoin transaction and confirm its specifics by following the instructions provided in this tutorial.

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